Affe-Banane Problem in PDDL

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" (c) 1993,1994 Copyright (c) University of Washington
  Written by Tony Barrett.

  All rights reserved. Use of this software is permitted for non-commercial
  research purposes, and it may be copied only for that use.  All copies must
  include this copyright message.  This software is made available AS IS, and
  neither the authors nor the University of Washington make any warranty about
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  When you first acquire this software please send mail to; the same address should be used for problems."

(in-package :domains)

;;; Monkey domain (from prodigy)

;;; dsw added location back despite cryptic comment below
(define (domain monkey-domain)	       ; Comment: adding location caused fail
  (:requirements :strips :equality)
  (:predicates (location ?x)
	       (at ?m ?x)
	       (onbox ?x)
  (:constants monkey box knife bananas glass waterfountain)

  ;; movement and clinbing
  (:action GO-TO
	     :parameters (?x ?y)
	     :precondition (and (location ?x) (location ?y) 
                                 (not (= ?y ?x)) (on-floor) (at monkey ?y))
	     :effect (and (at monkey ?x) (not (at monkey ?y))))
  (:action CLIMB
	     :parameters (?x)
	     :precondition (and (location ?x) (at box ?x) (at monkey ?x))
	     :effect (and (onbox ?x) (not (on-floor))))
  (:action PUSH-BOX
	     :parameters (?x ?y)
	     :precondition (and (location ?x) (location ?y) 
                                 (not (= ?y ?x)) (at box ?y) (at monkey ?y) 
	     :effect (and (at monkey ?x) (not (at monkey ?y))
			   (at box ?x)    (not (at box ?y))))

  ;; getting bananas
  (:action GET-KNIFE
	     :parameters (?y)
	     :precondition (and (location ?y) (at knife ?y) (at monkey ?y))
	     :effect (and (hasknife) (not (at knife ?y))))
  (:action GRAB-BANANAS
	     :parameters (?y)
	     :precondition (and (location ?y) (hasknife) 
                                 (at bananas ?y) (onbox ?y))
	     :effect (hasbananas))
  ;; getting water
  (:action PICKGLASS
	     :parameters (?y)
	     :precondition (and (location ?y) (at glass ?y) (at monkey ?y))
	     :effect (and (hasglass) (not (at glass ?y))))
  (:action GETWATER
	     :parameters (?y)
	     :precondition (and (location ?y) (hasglass)
				 (at waterfountain ?y)
				 (at monkey ?y)
				 (onbox ?y))
	     :effect (haswater)))
(define (problem monkey-test1)
    (:domain monkey-domain)
  (:objects p1 p2 p3 p4)
  (:init (location p1)
	 (location p2)(location p3)(location p4)
	 (at monkey p1)(on-floor)(at box p2)(at bananas p3)
	 (at knife p4))
  (:goal (AND (hasbananas)))
  (:length (:serial 6) (:parallel 6))

(define (problem monkey-test2)
    (:domain monkey-domain)
  (:objects P1 P2 P3 P4 P6)
  (:init (location p1)
	 (location p2)(location p3)
	 (location p4)(location p6)
	 (at monkey p1)(on-floor)
	 (at box p2)
	 (at bananas p3)
	 (at knife p4)
	 (at waterfountain p3)(at glass p6))
  (:goal (and (hasbananas) (haswater)))
  (:length (:serial 9) (:parallel 9)))

(define (problem monkey-test3)
    (:domain monkey-domain)
  (:objects p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6)
  (:init (location p1) (location p2)
	 (location p3)(location p4)
	 (location p5) (location p6)
	 (at monkey p1)(on-floor)
	 (at box p2)
	 (at bananas p3)
	 (at knife p4)
	 (at waterfountain p5)(at glass p6))
  (:goal (and (hasbananas) (haswater)))
  (:length (:serial 10) (:parallel 10))

;;;UCPOP(32): (bf-control 'monkey-test1)
;;;            (AT MONKEY P1) (ON-FLOOR) (AT BOX P2) (AT BANANAS P3)
;;;            (AT KNIFE P4))
;;;Step 1  : (GO-TO P4 P1)          Created 5 
;;;           0  -> (ON-FLOOR)          
;;;           0  -> (AT MONKEY P1)      
;;;Step 2  : (GET-KNIFE P4)         Created 6 
;;;           0  -> (AT KNIFE P4)       
;;;           5  -> (AT MONKEY P4)      
;;;Step 3  : (GO-TO P2 P4)          Created 4 
;;;           0  -> (ON-FLOOR)          
;;;           5  -> (AT MONKEY P4)      
;;;Step 4  : (PUSH-BOX P3 P2)       Created 3 
;;;           0  -> (AT BOX P2)         
;;;           4  -> (AT MONKEY P2)      
;;;           0  -> (ON-FLOOR)          
;;;Step 5  : (CLIMB P3)             Created 2 
;;;           3  -> (AT BOX P3)         
;;;           3  -> (AT MONKEY P3)      
;;;Step 6  : (GRAB-BANANAS P3)      Created 1 
;;;           6  -> (HASKNIFE)          
;;;           0  -> (AT BANANAS P3)     
;;;           2  -> (ONBOX P3)          
;;;Goal    : (HASBANANAS)
;;;           1  -> (HASBANANAS)        
;;;UCPOP (Init = 9  ; Goals = 1 ) => Win  (6 steps)     CPU 850      
;;;     Nodes (V = 66  ; Q = 26  ; C = 103 )             Branch 1.3939394 
;;;     Working Unifies: 875                             Bindings added: 101