First European Workshop on Cognitive Modeling

14. - 16.11.96,
TU Berlin

Additional Information on the Tutorials

General Information

We are sorry to tell you, that we cannot accept more registrations for the tutorials, because we want to keep them small and interactive. However, you still can unsign and give waiting people a chance. Send an email to Martin Christof Kindsmüller.



Registration for tutorial + workshop participants (during the breaks in Room FR 5055)


ACT-R - Room FR 6536
10:00 ACT-R I
11:20 coffee/tea break
11:40 ACT-R basics II
13:00 lunch
SOAR7 - Room FR 6536
14:20 SOAR7 basics I
16:10 coffee/tea break
16:30 SOAR7 basics II
18:20 end of "Tutorials/Basics"

from 19:30 onwards: inofficial meeting in a pub

Thursday Morning


ACT-R/Extensions - Room FR 5516
09:00 ACT-R extension I
10:50 coffee/tea break
11:10 ACT-R extension II
13:00 end of "Tutorials/Extensions"
SOAR7/Extensions - Room FR 6536
09:00 SOAR7 extension I
10:50 coffee/tea break
11:10 SOAR7 extension II
13:00 end of "Tutorials/Extensions"


Address for the tutorials/demonstrations:
Franklinstr. 28/29
10587 Berlin
How to reach the tutorials with public transportation:
Bus: 245
Subway: U2
How to find the room for the tutorials:
6th floor, room FR6536

Recommended References


If you have time before the tutorial, the following papers are useful background on Soar. The more time you have, the more you can read, but the first two are typically enough to get started, because the tutorial does not assume much Soar knowledge, and are in most libraries.

Waldrop, M. M. (1988a)
Soar: A unified theory of cognition? Science, 241, 296-298.
Waldrop, M. M. (1988b)
Toward a unified theory of cognition; Science, 241, 27-29.

(These two articles by Waldrop are the shortest and best value introduction to UTCs and Soar. Useful for preview and review.)

Newell, A. (1992a)
Precis of Unified theories of cognition; Behavioural and Brain Sciences, 15, 425-492. (A shortened version of the 1990 book.)
Newell, A. (1992b)
Unified theories of cognition and the role of Soar. In J. A. Michon & A. Akyurek (Eds.), Soar: A Cognitive Architecture in Perspective.; Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Rosenbloom, P. S., Laird, J. E., & Newell, A. (1992)
The Soar Papers: Research on Integrated Intelligence. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. (A nearly complete listing of work done with Soar from its historical roots in 1969 through 1991.)

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