2001 by Ute Schmid

KI Planung/AI Planning

Ute Schmid

Institut für Informatik, FB Mathematik-Informatik, Universität Osnabrück

Seminar im Wintersemester 2001/2002
(seminar course, winter term 01/02)

Kategorie: KI, Vertiefung/Category: AI, advanced

Course language: English

Themen: Einführung in KI Planung: Strips, Situationskalkül, ADL, Vorwärts- versus Rückwärtsplanung, Effizienz, Korrektheit, Optimalität von Planungsalgorithmen, Kontrollwissen, nicht-lineares Planen, partial order planning, Graphplan, Planung as Satisfiability Problem, Universelles Planen und Modelchecking, Planen versus Problemlösen, Planen und Lernen. Vorstellung von Beispielsystemen (Teilnehmer am AIPS-Wettbewerb); wenn gewünscht: kleine Programmieraufgaben in Lisp.

Topics: Introduction to AI planning: Strips, situation calculus, ADL, forward- vs. backward-planning, efficiency, correctnes, optimality of planning algorithms, control knowledge, non-linear planning, partial order planning, Graphplan, planning as satisfiability problem, universal planning and model checking, planning vs. problem solving, planning and learning. Exemplaric presentation of systems (participators at the AIPS planning competition); if wanted small programming assignements in Lisp.

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Schedule and Syllabus

The given syllabus is open to changes depending on the background and interests of the participating students. For the current syllabus, one recent relevant research paper is given for every topic. The papers might not be understandable without further background reading. Helpful additional texts can be obtained from the supervisor.


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