2003 by Ute Schmid

Cognitive Architectures: Problem Solving and Comprehension Processes

Franz Schmalhofer (Cognitive Psychology, Institute of Cognitive Science)

Ute Schmid

Computer Science Group , Institute of Cognitive Science, University Osnabrück

Seminar Course, Summer Term 2003

Master and Doctorate Program for Cognitive Science, Examination Field "Learning and Memory"

The course is also open for 4th or higher semester cognitive science undergradswho successfully passed the courses "Methods of AI" and "Cognitive Psychology" (examination field "AI" or "Psychology")

Course Language: English

Please note: This course is offered by the Institute of Cognitive Science and not by the Computer Science group and therefore is offered mainly for cognitive science students.

Topics: First we give an introduction to symbolic approaches to cognitive modeling and to cognitive architectures as frameworks for cognitive models. Then, we will discuss the new book by Gary Marcus, "The Algebraic Mind", which discusses symbolic and connectionist approaches with a special focus on structural representations. Afterwards we present cognitive models of text comprehension and inferences, and finally cognitive models of problem solving, analogy and induction.

Hours and Contact Schedule and Syllabus Links to Literature Credits

Hours and Contact

Schedule and Syllabus

This is a preliminary schedule which is continually updated. Here you will also find the slides and additional information.


The Algebraic Mind Text Comprehension and Inference (Franz) Problem Solving, Analogy, and Induction (Ute) Final Discussion


Links to Literature

Overview/General Information The Algebraic Mind

The papers given below are just some initial suggestions. Whether we will use basic or specific papers, focus mor on psychology or on AI depends on the participants of the course.

Text Comprehension and Inferences

Problem Solving, Analogy, and Induction

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