BSc Project


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A Java planner for Blocksworld problems

My BSc Cognitive Science project "A Java planner for Blocksworld problems" combines the fields of Artificial Intelligence (topic: "Problem Solving & Planning") and Computer Science (object-oriented programming language Java). The project involved the implementation of a planner in Java and a thesis (12,000 words). The thesis (DOC, PDF) deals with the core topics mentioned above with reference to the implementation.

Unfortunately the applet can't be displayed on the internet - probably because I used a FileReader to access the domain and problem files... But you can download the planner files (ZIP) (please unzip the files to your main directory preserving the directory structure, else it won't work) to test the applet on your machine locally.

Access the planner by using one of the HTML files according to your platform and screen resolution (you can try them out...).

API Documentation of the planner created with javadoc is available.